Article Marketing – What’s The Best Way To Do It?

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Article Marketing

Are you working on articles that you will use in your article marketing campaign? The answer better is yes because article marketing is a powerful way to drive traffic to your squeeze page. The first question today involves questions about submitting an article to different article locations. Find out how I do it. You can use my strategy as a model.

Then we’ll talk about common questions regarding press release services, Autoresponders, joint ventures, and product agreements. The questions and answers are quick, but it is necessary that you understand all the answers because you will most likely encounter these issues in your Internet business.

Now To The Questions:

Question #1: Do you write 10 separate articles sending each to ten different ezine addresses? Or do you write 10 separate articles and send all to each address?

Answer: I think when you say to address that you mean ezine or article locations. I write 10 separate articles and submit all 10 to the same locations.

For example, I write 10 articles and submit all 10 articles EzineArticles. Then I take those same 10 articles and submit them to another article location such as Article Alley. I’ll keep submitting all those 10 same articles to each of the article locations. I usually submit to 152 article locations.

Question #2: PR Web direct press release packages and editorial services have been updated. When I went to the site to purchase a package you suggested, I wasn’t sure which one to buy because there wasn’t a $215 package.

Answer: There are multiple packages available. Just select the Social media visibility package that costs $240.

Question #3: How do you seal a joint venture deal? Do you have a joint venture contract template or is it done in good faith?

Answer: It is pretty much done in good faith. That is how I do it.

Question #4: If I wanted someone, not from Elance or Rent-a-Coder, but someone I found on forums to create a product for me then how should I ensure that I have all the rights to the product? How should I word the agreement?

Answer: Go to Elance and take the verbiage they use for agreements. Then use that verbiage with the person that you want to create your product. Or you can have a lawyer draw up a contract for you.

Question #5: How does one attach audio or video to an email Autoresponder going out to subscribers? Or should you direct them to another page?

Answer: I direct subscribers to another page. In the email, I have a link that goes to another page that contains the audio or video.