Non Profit Marketing Agencies

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There are nonprofits which can’t afford what some of these global agencies offer, eMarketing Nerd is comprised of Fortune 50 marketing strategists, shifting gears trying to offer something to smallest of causes, now offering Non-profits with marketing services $249 & $500/ monthly price points.

If your nonprofit has a printed brochure, it needs it on a site. On that website, you have a newsroom for media relations. You also have a Twitter & social media profiles to connect with journalists. You also engage donors and stakeholders online. So they subscribe to sign up for your nonprofit email newsletter, in short time. From there, they eventually RSVP to an event. You send out a press release, but is it optimised with search terms to increase its online visibility? Man, it sure is hard to connect all the dots.

Coming up with creative messages and creative ways to get your message out is key to the success of any marketing or advertising campaign. Traditional agencies are used to having large paid media budgets at their disposal. As a non-profit community, we don’t have the tools and devices those corporate agencies do. Now agencies and ad departments are making changes to target non-profits. Civilian was known as AdEase, which was founded in 1999 in California. Its recent complete makeover gave the company a new name and logo and even a new “.agency” domain name. According to the announcement from its founder and CEO Stacey Nelson Smith, this change was prompted by the fact that its identity had become disconnected from who it was and what it represented.

Non-profits as well as the public sector toward building stronger communities, challenging convention, and inspiring meaningful change through its marketing, advertising and communications.

Civilian is not alone in venturing toward cause-based marketing. Larger agencies, and even holding groups, are creating in-house departments to focus on it. Y&R last year launched “Inspire,” its wing that oversees cause-related marketing, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The Publicis Groupe acquired Salterbaxter, which specialises in sustainability, last year. Collegium is an entire holding group comprising agencies that focus on cause and purpose marketing. Last month, it acquired the agency, Fenton.