Freedom Financial Reviews the FinTech Revolution

Financial technology, or FinTech, is truly reshaping the landscape of the financial industry. Innovations such as mobile banking apps, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and bitcoin currency are rapidly changing the world of financial services as we know it. According to Freedom Financial, there are several reasons that this revolutionary concept has taken off to the extent […]

When is the Time to Invest in Buying Gold and Silver Bullion?

People often wonder when is the best time to buy silver bullion Brisbane. With threats of war looming over the peninsula, people wonder how they can ensure their survival. With North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and America’s President Donald Trump exchanging threats, it makes one wonder if a nuclear war will happen. If it does, what happens to […]

Top apps to help you avoid too much debt

Keep your accounts in the pink with some smart support. Smart phones are making it far too easy for us to shop from our beds. In fact, around half of us now admit to making purchases in bed – that are often regretted. However, while our phones give us almost too much opportunity to spend […]

Never Do Business without an Accountant

While you may be able to file your own taxes or manage your small business on your own at first, this is not going to be true forever and there are also instances in which you might benefit from hiring a professional certified accountant for help. In such special circumstances, the money spent to hire […]

Saving Money When Travelling For Business

When you’re a small business owner travelling across the country (or even globe) is just part of the job! For many entrepreneurs who end up having to spend their very limited funds to make an important business trip, finding a free plane ticket or a great deal on a discounted rental car can often times […]

How to borrow money with no credit history

Taking that first step. When we talk about problems people have obtaining credit it’s, more often than not, in the context of a poor credit score. However, it can be just as frustrating to have no credit score – i.e. no credit history – as this will also make it very difficult to borrow. However, […]

Saving for Retirement with EPF Investment Accounts

Investing can be a great way to save for retirement, but when investing, it is important to get good advice. Risking what you cannot afford to lose on an investment can have dire consequences if the market crashes or the investment doesn’t work out. However, there are safer investments that you can make to grow […]