Why Health Insurance Is the Most Important of All Insurance Policies

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Any prudent and responsible individual would know the importance of planning ahead. Be it for the purposes of meeting life milestones, investing in well-paying funds and schemes, or undertaking healthcare plans early on in life – those who like thinking ahead, do it all. Therefore, given the increasing costs of medical care in India, it is imperative that you start thinking of buying a health insurance at the earliest.

It is well-advised to start planning for healthcare in the early phases of your life. By investing in health insurance earlier on in life, you can give your savings enough time to grow and fetch you better returns in future. Here, we are about to shed light on why health plans are fast becoming an order of the day.

Healthcare Is Getting Increasingly Expensive

In spite of technology raiding the field of medicine and healthcare, the expenses related to the same are soaring higher and higher. If you or your loved ones happen to get hospitalized, you can expect to burn a huge hole in your pocket to procure proper and timely treatment.

1. Medical costs that need cover

These are valid costs that have to be paid to attain the best medical facilities as and when required. The expense sheet would include the fees of surgeons and specialists, visiting doctor fees, charges of diagnostic examinations, medicines and expensive drugs, re-examination fees, hospital-specific charges, and so forth.

2. Increasing costs of surgery

The expense amount would increase to a very large extent in case the patient in question has to undergo surgical intervention. Be it for a minor or major operation, the expenses will cut into your savings and leave you financially and mentally drained out. This is specifically true in terms of contingent medical expenses that may not have been accounted for earlier on.

3. Private hospital costs are on the rise

In comparison to government hospitals where medical facilities are obtainable at cheaper costs, private nursing homes and hospitals offer modern facilities and better healthcare alternatives. However, these services come at higher costs.

Fortunately, a good health insurance policy allows easy and affordable access to such modern facilities. It pays for the hospitalization costs as well; as long as the amount in the reckoning is within the limits prescribed by the policy.

Comprehensive Coverage of Health Insurance Providers That Won’t Put Stress on Your Finances

Everyone needs a comprehensive healthcare plan in the face of rising medical expenses in India. Having said this, it would pay to take a look at the various single plans that fulfil all health requirements to the fullest. Insurance comparison sites like Coverfox.com would help you attain optimum coverage for yourself and/or your family members at the most affordable premium.

Given below are some popular comprehensive health insurance providers and plans that help you remain relaxed about your finances in the event of a medical emergency.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

Maxima is a much-lauded 360 degrees health insurance plan by Apollo Munich. This intelligently designed product will understand your health coverage needs. It will complement your medical costs, budget, and lifestyle alike.

The plan offers protection and coverage for dental cure, contact lenses, annual health check-up, spectacles, diagnostic tests, pharmacy bills, etc. – all via the excellent medical facilities available in the Apollo network.


The Group Secure Plan offered by Religare Health Insurance provides comprehensive health insurance cover for death or disability caused by an accident. As it falls in the bracket of group schemes, this plan is ideal for members of any affinity group, employees of a company, or the entire family as a unit.

The list of comprehensive health insurance providers in India is increasing by leaps and bounds. Along with Apollo Munich and Religare, you may like to check out the plans on offer by Bajaj Allianz, Bharati AXA, Chola MS, Cigna TTK, HDFC ERGO, IFFCO Tokyo, and other health insurance companies.

Buy the best Health Insurance Plan Online

Delay no more and get yourself and your family the most deserving health insurance online. Coverfox.com helps in assessing the features and benefits of several insurance plans at a single go to help you choose the best. Go ahead; take the right step in the direction of adequate healthcare insurance!